Why You Should Study Abroad in Spain

I would recommend studying abroad anywhere, as I believe that going abroad gives you a unique set of opportunities that you can not receive staying at home. Yet, here are 7 reasons why you should specifically plan to study abroad in Spain!

  1. Learn a second language.

When living and studying in Spain, you will be introduced to the Spanish language like never before. You will be hearing Spanish everywhere you go, and finally, you will have opportunities to speak the language beyond the classroom. Just think, you will have the chance to hold real conversations in Spanish. It does wonders for building Spanish fluency.

2. Or even, pick up a third language.

You might even be introduced Catalan, Valencian, or Galician (depending where you chose to study.)Studying abroad in an autonomous community with a co-official language will allow you to be exposed to a new language, likely one that you may not have otherwise been able to learn at home.

3. Uncover Spain’s incredible history, just by walking around town.

Spain’s history is long, traveling the way back to pre-historic times. By far the best part about being in Spain, though, is seeing this history come alive right before your eyes. Throughout history, Spain has been influenced by many cultures. Anywhere you go in the country, it is fascinating to see how history comes together, and you can see this by examining the architecture and historic town centers.

4. Expose yourself to the complexity of “Spanish culture.”

A common misconception is that Spain has a singular culture. Everywhere you go in Spain, you will experience another interesting way of life. Expose yourself to every aspect of Spanish culture in the regions they prosper. Go to a flamenco show in Andalusia, experience the running of the bulls in Pamplona, and enjoy a paella in Valencia.

5. Enjoy the delicious food.

No matter where you are, you have to try the “staple foods,” tortilla española and patatas bravas. Arguably the best part about Spanish food, however, is trying the unique dishes of each region. Discover the tastes of each region, such as Galician seafood or Valencian paella.

6. And sip on the best coffee.

Nothing beats café con leche from a local café (alongside a tostada and fresh orange juice) to start your morning.

7. Explore the rest of Europe, and beyond.

Spain puts you in the perfect spot to travel to other countries in Europe, and possibly even beyond. Continue learning more about world by traveling outside of Spain, exposing yourself to new cultures. Traveling is an essential part of studying abroad. And being in Spain, which is not only a great starting point, but can also be quite affordable to do as well.

Lastly, I have a bonus reason. I would say that studying abroad in general, whether you are in Spain or elsewhere, will allow you to become more aware of the world around you. Study abroad gives you the opportunity to travel to a new place, and if you make the most of your time abroad, then you will exposed to a new way of life, language, traditions, and more. In the end, you will have a more expanded worldview, and this is beneficial in our increasingly globalized world.

To be fair, the reasons should go to Spain are endless, yet I had to stop myself at 7 reasons or this would go on forever. To my readers who have been to Spain, what are your 7 reasons one should go to Spain? Feel free to add on in the comments below, I would love to hear your reasons, too!

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