Applying for a Masters Degree (in Ireland?)

I have wanted to complete a masters degree in Spain. Whenever anyone asked me what my plan was, I always said “apply to a Spanish university and study art history.” I still very much want to do this, but right now, my best bet applying for a  masters course elsewhere.

Applying for a Spanish university is tough process as an American, and to be fair, I know it is for plenty of others as well (and can be worse). The system is very bureaucratic. There needs to be a lot of copies, but since my degree is from outside of Europe, then I need to prove that my degree is worthy/matches the standards of European universities. Even though 9 times out of 10, this process called “validation” is approved, the amount of copies, certified translations, and notarizations/apostilles needed is, well, excessive.

I recently moved away from my home/university state, and I am two hours behind. It has already been proven difficult enough getting into contact with references to write letters of recommendation. So, I can not imagine trying to do the whole degree validation process while in-limbo between two states (and not necessarily a resident anywhere.)

Therefore, I did some research on universities I could apply to that:

  • Allow me to take out federal loans or were free/low cost
  • Offered a degree where I had the opportunity to study abroad/continue Spanish
  • Was not difficult for me to apply to
  • Had an easy visa process

I found a degree in Ireland pretty early on in my search. The degree is “Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies,” which perfectly combined both my Spanish and art history studies into one single degree. I immediately thought it was perfect but had to calm down for the impending, soul-crushing realization that it was not. Though, once I read more about the degree/masters degrees in Ireland in general, I discovered that I could continue on with Spanish and not be severely in debt!

So, I applied for the degree!

As of right now, I do not entirely know what will result of my application, but I hope it is good news.




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